General Questions

Is the Marketplace open each weekend?

Yes. Washington Boulevard Marketplace, is open Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-4pm, 52 weeks per year.

Does the Marketplace close for inclement weather?

Management will monitor any inclement weather conditions (snow, etc) and advise vendors if the market will open and/or remain open on a specific day, or close on a specific day and at what time. The Marketplace telephone answering machine (410)-799-8301 will have information pertaining to this information on inclement weather days.

Do I have to pay an admission fee to visit the Marketplace?

No, admission is free, but please arrive early to secure parking, our lots fill quickly!

What types of products do the vendors sell?

The vendors sell products such as fresh farm produce, baked good, fresh cut flowers, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, furniture, vintage items, televisions, home appliances, toys, tools and hardware, and much more!

Indoor food court and outdoor food vendors are also on site.

cowboy hats marketplace vendor
cowboy boots marketplace vendor

Vendor Questions

Do I need a license to sell at the Marketplace?

The State of Maryland REQUIRES a Trader’s License for all vendors, who sell their goods in a Flea Market.


For all vendors who currently possess a Trader’s license, please visit our Office so that a copy of the license can be made for our files.


Should you require a copy of the appropriate application form, or for further information from the State of Maryland, Central Registration office call: 410-313-5850 or visit 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia, Md. 21045.

Do vendors need to collect sales tax?

It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to be knowledgeable of the laws in the state of Maryland pertaining to the collection of sales tax.  We strongly suggest that all vendors contact the Maryland Comptroller at (410) 260-7980 for complete information regarding the collection of sales tax.


Click Here for more information about taxes in Maryland.

Can I sell food at the Marketplace?

Yes! However, any vendors who sell food products must comply as follows:


  1. A Howard County Health Department license is REQUIRED.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance pertaining to liability insurance must be submitted to our office. This certificate must indicate the vendor name or operating name of the vendor AND must indicate that the Washington Boulevard Marketplace LLC is the additional insured.
  3. If you plan to sell food products at the market, you must contact management for further details pertaining to food product sales/licensing/insurance.

Any and all food products packed in dented cans or open packaging may not be sold at the Washington Boulevard Marketplace. (Inside or outside of the market premises)

Can I sell name brand apparel at the Marketplace?

Many name brand products, such as “Polo” or “Oakley”, or products containing logos such as the “Nike Swoosh” are protected as reflecting copyrighted designs and trademarks.  Products that are granted such protection may be manufactured and sold only with the express permission of the companies which own or have obtained licenses allowing them to use the copyrighted designs and trademarks.  Persons involved in the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products – products reflecting the copyrighted designs and trademarks without the authority of the owner or licensor to do so – may be the subject of civil, or in some cases, criminal penalties.


No vendor is allowed to sell counterfeit products in our marketplace.  If a vendor is found to be selling counterfeit or unauthorized products, the vendor will be required to leave the marketplace immediately.  We would urge each vendor to take care to sell only products reflecting copyrighted designs and/or trademarks that have been authorized for sale by the owner or licensor of those designs or trademarks.

I am a new vendor, what should I do?

Please arrive between 6:45am – 7am so that we can assign you available space. There is NO GUARANTEE OF SPACE. Tables available inside and outside on a daily basis. Please call for pricing information. Cash Only. One vehicle per vending space only.


Washington Boulevard Marketplace is located in Elkridge, Maryland in the Route 1 shopping center just off of Washington Boulevard.

Washington Blvd Marketplace
7540 Washington Blvd
Elkridge, MD 21075

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